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We want to ensure you feel at home when you join Atlas Boxing, whether your goal is to be a competitive boxer or just simply get in better shape, we’ve got you covered, we encourage you to book a free intro class to come and check out our facility and amazing family.

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With Boxing training experience for almost 40 years, we have produced many great athletes such as the legendary Boxer Lennox Lewis. We are sure to provide you with the right training to achieve whatever your goal may be. We not only provide programs to people seeking a boxing career but also any adult, or child who may seek to simply get in better physical shape and have a better quality of life.

York Federation of Students Special



A combination of Boxing fundamentals and fitness exercises developed to make an average male, female or child, able to achieve a better shape and overall enhanced health and quality of life.


An amateur boxing program designed for fairly new individuals who aspire to achieve great boxing skills and outstanding conditioning for competition.

Emzar Iashvili

Professional Boxing

Designed for athletes who aim to pursue a Boxing career, this program will ensure you get the highest quality of training, for massive improvement of your skillset and conditioning.

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