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At Atlas Boxing Club we offer classes for people of all ages. Featured on CP24, Atlas Boxing Club is the best boxing gym in Toronto. Our gym is open from morning to night and we offer classes throughout the day. If you are a competitor or your looking to get into great shape then this is the place to be.

Our facility has everything you need to improve your boxing or just to get into great shape. We have various boxing equipment, cardio machines and weights to fit your needs. Our classes are for everyone of all levels and will produce results.

Mission Statement

"Mens Sana


Corpore Sano"

Healthy Mind


a Healthy Body


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LADIES - 2 for 1

On All Membership Packages
"Best workout in Toronto" - Toronto Life

"Enjoy the full body training and weight loss and get fit without getting hit" - Adrian Teodorescu, Ph. D, Olympic Boxing Coach

**tax not included

Women's Box Fit Classes

8 Week Program - 3x per week - 129.99**

Description: Work with a qualified trainer to improve to improve your flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, physcial co-ordination, strength and stamina while having fun learning real boxing techniques with an enthusiastic group of individuals. Relax your mind as you tone your body.


Ages 13-19 yrs. Only

$599.99** per year

Government Subsidized Program

(apply to get up to 75% back)

MMA Cross Training

8 Week Program - 3x per week - 199.99**

Description: Learn new and better striking techniques from the experts. Work with a high performance boxing coach of NCCP level 3 or higher to improve your punching power, learn combinations, and striking defense and take part in sparring with registered amateur and professional boxers. Perfect for those looking to take their striking training to the next level and accommodating for those who want to still be a member at another club.

Hockey OFF-ICE Cross Training

Custom Training Period - Call to Set Class Times - Price Varies

Description: Our qualified coaches have worked with all levels of Hockey athletes and are available to create a customized program for individuals or whole teams. Boxing training compliments the work Hockey players do On-Ice by improving general physical preparation, muscular endurance, flexibility, core conditioning to specific technical preparation. Coaches bring in your teams to get a significant discount, and to set up classes just for your team while working with our coaches to create a personalized program that will help your athletes develop the skills YOU feel they need.